Hi! I'm Kelli Sako and I'm new here. In fact, it's my first day, so go easy on me. I grew up in Newburgh dreaming of ways to escape the tri-state area. I went to USI for about two and a half years until my then fiance's father was laid off from his job in Evansville and took a job in Dallas, Texas. And that was when we made our first big move.

From there, my hubby-guy decided to join the Navy and so began our six year East coast adventure. While the Navy definitely was not a good fit for us, we made a lot of good memories with some even better friends.

After the Navy, we moved to Arkansas and I began plotting our next big move back home. I spent the better part of my teens dreaming of ways to get away from the area and the majority of my 20s trying to get back. Family is very important to me and I feel very lucky to be back with them.

I am slowly working on finishing my English degree, taking classes here and there when the mood hits me. I have been writing for as long as I can remember, and am still ridiculously giddy to be doing it professionally since 2009. The hubby-guy and I have been married since August 2004, and we welcomed our daughter in October 2008. I spend my days fingerpainting, reading, writing, making messes, and plotting my imminent world takeover. Nice to meet you all!