You're never too old for a Happy Meal, and McDonald's will be offering them specifically for adults.

Every kid growing up loved to go to McDonald's. The best part, aside from playing in the playground, was ordering a Happy Meal. Why? The obvious reason is the toy. We all had the same rule too. You can't play with the toy until you finish your Happy Meal. Looking back, we had so many great toys that came with Happy Meals, but my favorite was the Power Rangers action figures when the movie came out in 1995.

As we got older, McDonald's released a Mighty Kids Meal which was designed for kids who were a little older and came with more food.

However, once we became adults, we had to settle for a regular meal at McDonald' toys included. That all changed last October when McDonald's created a limited-time adult Happy Meal as McDonald's will be releasing Happy Meals...for adults. The meal was a collaboration between the streetwear brand, Cactus Plant Flea Market, and the fast food chain. These adult Happy Meals sold out pretty quickly due to their popularity. So, McDonald's has decided to run it back again and create a new adult Happy Meal.

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McDonald's Adult Happy Meals 2023

McDonald's has announced a new Adult Happy Meal collaboration for 2023. This time, the collab is with DJ, artist, and streetwear influencer Kerwin Frost. According to BuzzFeed:

Each Kerwin Frost Box will include a collectible toy based on the classic "McNugget Buddies" toys that any 1980s or '90s kid will recognize. Like with the Cactus Plant Flea Market toys, there's a modern twist on the collectibles inspired by the artist. In this case, each McNugget Buddy is inspired by Frost's youth, growing up in Harlem.

These meals offer fries, a drink, and a choice between a 10-piece McNugget or a Big Mac, along with the new McNugget Buddies. McDonald's will start selling them starting December 11th at participating locations for a limited time, and while supplies last. Usually when a company says "while supplies last", they expect people to buy items up rather quickly, so I would try to get one sometime early after they're available to ensure that you can get an adult Happy Meal before they're all gone!

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