This morning it was reported to Evansville Police that an apparent bullet hole was found in the window of the Adath B'Nai Israel Temple, located at 8440 Newburgh Rd.  Mayor Winnecke has released the following statement in regards to this act of vandalism. 

Temple Adath B'nai Israel Official Facebook Page
Temple Adath B'nai Israel Official Facebook Page

"The shot fired at Temple Adath B’Nai Israel is a disgusting act of hate and bigotry that cannot be tolerated. As with other previous acts of intolerance, our community must come together in support of religious freedom and stand together with our Jewish brothers and sisters. The strong, diverse faith of Evansville is one of our great strengths. We must rely on that deep faith to collectively fight attitudes of hate and prejudice. What’s happened here, and across the United States, is sickening and unacceptable behavior. Our children deserve better role models than those who commit acts of injustice and hate."

Lloyd Winnecke, Mayor
City of Evansville

Evansville Police are currently investigating this situation, and are asking anyone with any information to come forward by calling EPD at 812-436-7979 or WeTIp at 1-800-78-CRIME.

Rabbi Gary Mazo recently spoke with Evansville Courier and Press, and had this to say

The goal was to make us afraid, but we're not going to let fear consume us we'll stand up to fear, we'll stand up to hatred and we'll stand together. We know this is not representative of our community. We know that we live in a community that supports each other."

You can read more from Rabbi Gary Marzo's interview with Courier & Press, here.

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