Americans usually lead the way when it comes to introducing new things into the human way of life. But, according to, there are some awesome fast food items that have yet to make it to our menus!! How would you like some of these?

- Pizza Hut Bacon Wrapped Sausage Crust Mini Hamburger Pizza or The McDonald's Bacon Potato Pie: both found only in Japan. Boy, The Japanese must REALLY love their bacon!!

-In France you can order McDonald's French Fried Cheese Nuggets and a McBeer!!! YUMMY!!!!!

-If you love cheese curd and gravy, then Canada is the place to be. At McDOnald's, you dip your Poutine Fries in curd and gravy instead of ketchup. YUCK!!!!

For more items and great pics, click here. Comment with any theata you know!! :-)