Diann Uhde of Mt. Vernon is on her way to Panama City Beach, Florida!

For over a week, we've been giving you the chance to try and score yourself a trip to the wonderful Holiday Inn Resort in Panama City Beach by playing "Match Made in Panama." The concept is simple, just like the classic "Match Game" card game we all played growing up, you pick two squares from the Match Made in Panama game board, if both picks are hiding a trip to the resort, you win!

With 99 squares, finding those two squares could be difficult, however there is a way to increase your chances of winning, and it's the way Diann did it.

Download a copy of the Match Made in Panama game board by clicking the button below. Print it out, or save it to your phone, then listen for the chance to play every weekday at 7:40 a.m. with myself and Leslie during the Q Crew Morning Show, 11:40 a.m with Jess, and 3:40 p.m. during The Ride Home with Travis. Caller 9 when given the cue to call will have the chance to play. But, even if you're not caller 9, keep listening to hear which two squares are picked, then mark them accordingly on your game board. If both squares picked don't have a trip behind them, mark them in some way so you know you don't want to pick those squares. If one of the squares picked is hiding a trip, you'll obviously want to mark it accordingly as well. Once you've figured out which squares are hiding a trip, all you need to do is get through as caller 9, pick those squares, and you'll be on your way to Florida just like Diann.

There are still two trips on the board to be found. Get your game board by clicking the button below, and play along. Good luck!

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