You may not know the name Marlana VanHoose and that is a shame, but fans of the University of Kentucky Basketball program know her very well. VanHoose has been blind since birth and as a toddler, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She started playing the piano at age two and sings like an angel. VanHoose is best known for singing the National Anthem before Kentucky women's basketball games.VanHoose's greatest passion in life is her music and sharing her gift with others, especially in her own community where she inspires so many beyond her hometown.

Marlana once said, "I genuinely sing to people who are lost. That probably helps a lot of people feel like they're found." That statement speaks volumes about what kind of person she is.

I can honestly say, I have never heard another singer nail the National Anthem better than this beautiful little girl...ever. I have also never heard someone sing the anthem in a way that made me FEEL the song. VanHoose makes you FEEL the anthem like you have never felt it before.

See for yourself below and don't worry if you feel an incredible lump in your throat and your eyes well up with guess is that happens to everyone who hears this young lady sing, especially the anthem.



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