Since we have going camping, on a regular basis, I have discovered just how much there is to do. My husband and I split the duties, but it always seems like I have more to do once our kids, extended family, and friends stop by. I feel more tired after we camp than before I went.

I feel like I have to worry about so much. My husband takes care of everything outdoors that has to do with the camper, and I really love him for that because I wouldn't know where to begin to take care of any of that stuff. So, I take care of the inside stuff, which is fine, but it also means that once the camper is sus=cessfuy get up, my husband gets to relax while I cook for everyone, clean for all, and take care of anything our grab=nddaughter needs, while he relaxes.

I feel like I somehow THOUGHT I was getting a good deal, and it turned out that my job is the hardest of all. I worry about cleaning, meals, snacks, activities, big and tick repellent, and sunscreen. Always the sunscreen. I think that, and the day drinking part, really hit home with me in the video.

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This guy is hilarious and spot-on when it comes to lake or camping moms, even beach and vacation moms.  Basically, ALL moms ALL the time. I've watched it so many times, and every time I'm crying laughing. Maybe, because can relate to it so well.

Take a look. Can you relate? If you can't you aren't a mom. 😂


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