For Luke Combs, being a part of Brooks & Dunn's new collaboration album Reboot is as much a pay it forward moment as it honoring two of his musical heroes.

Combs was approached by Brooks & Dunn's manager, Clarence Spalding, who came to one of his shows. The "One Number Away" hitmaker couldn't help but gush to Spalding about how much the duo's music has influenced him.

"When their music was coming out, it was kind of like the heyday of me being a kid in the car with my parents listening to the radio, so I just gravitated heavily towards Brooks & Dunn," Combs recalls to Taste of Country and other media. "That conversation led to Clarence having this idea that maybe there's a lot of other people that are my age that were heavily influenced by their music."

There was merit in that thought process. In a video previewing his collaboration with Brooks & Dunn, (he sings "Brand New Man" with the duo on the album project, out April 5) Combs notes how many other artists in his generation — Kacey Musgraves, Jon PardiAshley McBryde, to name a few — have also been influenced by the duo of Ronnie Dunn and Kix Brooks.

"Brand New Man" was Brooks & Dunn's debut single in 1991, and it left a lasting impact on Combs personally, even though he was a baby when it was a hit. The country newcomer, now 29, has covered the song in his live set for years, and he stays true to the duo's version of the song both onstage and on the Reboot album. Really, he was a natural fit with the duo's vocals.

"It was really special to be in there with Kix and Ronnie," Combs admits. "Having to sing at the same time as Ronnie Dunn is pretty intimidating, but it was really fun."

The "Hurricane" singer is open about the fact that the history-making stars were key in his decision to become a country artist himself. The burgeoning superstar hopes that through the collaboration, he can pass on his passion for the duo to a legion of new fans.

"Brooks & Dunn are unbelievable, so it's absolutely so cool to think that maybe I get to help somebody hear their music for the first time, because it did so much for me when I was growing up," he raves. "I've just always really dug it, so that's a neat prospect." 

Reboot drops on April 5, 2019 — two days before Brooks & Dunn take the stage at the ACM Awards.

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