As sure as Memorial Day falling on a Monday, Luke Bryan will drop a new summer hit before the season officially begins. Add "Waves" to his growing playlist of vibrant, open-air radio songs.

"One Margarita" (April 2020), "Knockin' Boots" (April 2019) and "Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset" (May 2018) are three more that Bryan has dropped in time for summer. "Waves" is the most serious romance song of the bunch and is better compared to early career ballads such as "Drunk On You" and "Crash My Party" (April 2013).

Chase McGill, Ryan Hurd and Zach Crowell wrote this new song from the deluxe version of Bryan's newest album, Born Here, Live Here, Die Here. An astute fan of the ACM Entertainer of the Year will notice that the same trio wrote "Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset."

In some ways, "Waves" could be its sequel. The implied brevity of the affair and beachside setting are repeated, although the new track comes with a more creative melody, especially as Bryan drives through the chorus.

Perhaps the couple described will stick together, making this an especially easy-to-listen-to story arc. The American Idol judge is surely working on new music; it's safe to slot Part 3 in for April 2022.

Did You Know?: In the last 10 years, only two of Bryan's songs have failed to hit No. 1, on Billboard's Country Airplay chart, and both of those ("That's My Kind of Night" and "What Makes You Country") peaked at No. 2.

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Luke Bryan, "Waves" Lyrics: 

It's like the sun went down just to frame your face / Like they played that song just to see you sway / Like that old surf shop had you in mind / With what you got on, making those tan lines / It's like the ocean knows we're laying / On this beach tonight / It's like the sand's been waiting / For you to come alive, 'cause ...


You were made for summer / Just like these stars we're under / Were made for lighting this July sky up / Blanket down, made for me and you tied up / All night long, over and over / Crash into me and pull me closer / Kiss by kiss, one after another / Don't let go, baby, let this summer / Just keep on coming in waves / Keep coming in waves / Keep on coming in waves / Keep coming in waves ...

Wish I could bottle up the taste on your lips / That margarita-salt, water, sunburned sip / It's like I feel that sun right next to me / Yeah, girl, your touch is a hundred degrees / Boardwalks were made for dancing / And flip-flops were made to lose like / This night was meant to happen / And, girl, I was made for you like …

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus

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