Luke Bryan takes things to the basketball court for his "Light It Up" video. The video for the lead single from his forthcoming album What Makes You Country stars Minnesota Timberwolves’ Jimmy Butler.

The NBA player is apparently a country music fan who frequently attends Bryan's concerts. Butler plays the main character in the three-minute "Light It Up" clip, acting out the song's lyrics.

"I open my eyes, reach for the phone / Not a word from you baby / It don’t leave my sight since we had that fight," Bryan croons on the opening verse. Butler goes back to the locker room after a game only to check his phone and find that his girlfriend hasn't responded to his texts. He sees only the last messages he sent her: "I'm sorry. I didn't mean what I said, please call me. The game is about to start. Talk to you after?"

Butler is distraught, but puts on his game face as press enter the locker room to interview him after a big win. As he packs up his clothes and heads home, he can't help but stare at his phone, hoping for a text message.

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While the video focuses on Butler, Bryan can be seen in an abandoned building singing the song as the NBA player goes about his night. He can't sleep since he hasn't heard from his girl so he finds himself driving around Nashville, ending up at a basketball court to practice his shots. Where can she be?

Watch the video until the end to see how things turn out. The "Light It Up" video was directed by Michael Monaco and shot in Nashville.

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