Luke Bryan's kids will be back in school this fall. The singer shares that all things considered, he and wife Caroline are sending Bo (12) and Tate (9) back to school soon, and to be honest, the kids want that, too.

"I think they want to be around their friends," Bryan tells Taste of Country and select media during a press event.

When the coronavirus pandemic began in March, the Bryans were forced to be parents and teachers, to a degree. The "One Margarita" singer says Caroline organized the kids' schedule, while he played the role of enforcer. It didn't go well, especially for the first month.

"I believe that never more in the history of human society have teachers been more appreciated," he says. "You must be born to be a teacher, because me and my wife and I, we both learned that we are not teachers, nor do we have the patience to homeschool."

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The Bryan boys were scared about catching coronavirus back then, and they still are, to a degree — but the family is at least armed with six months worth of information and data to help them make their decision to return.

"My boys will be back in school," Bryan, whose Born Here, Live Here, Die Here album drops on Friday (Aug. 7), says, adding that everyone knows the risks and how to insulate from those risks.

"We don't sugarcoat what's going on in society," he insists. "We tell 'em that you're gonna go back to school and you're going to have some buddies that don't have to go to school and sorry, that don't apply to you. Your school is allowing school and go back and enjoy it and make the most of it."

"I think they're taking it in stride," he says.

Different school districts are making different decisions for the August start in middle Tennessee. Some are doing in-person schooling from the start, while others are doing distance learning. Still, others are giving parents the choice to decide. It's not clear which district Bryan's kids go to school in, or if they go to private school, but his nephew, Til, went to Page High School, a public high school in Franklin, Tenn.

Last week, Til started his own new journey in education, leaving for the University of Georgia. It was an emotional sendoff for the Bryan family, who took the teen in after his father died in 2014.

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