Did you know Luke Bryan's hidden talent is that he can make fart noises? Not with his arm, mind you, but with an entirely different body part: his back.

The "One Margarita" singer revealed the secret skill on a recent episode of the Kelly Clarkson Show. Speaking to the host and fellow vocalist via video, the crooner admits to his extraordinary proficiency.

"I can lay on a wooden floor and make fart noises with my back," Bryan explains, to which Clarkson cracks up.

He divulged the unlikely gift during a fan Q&A on the program when a Twitter used asked about a "useless talent" the musician may have. That's when the singer let loose about the distracting noises he can make.

"They will stop the room," Bryan jokingly adds.

"Oh my God, that's awesome!" Clarkson replies. "I only have one useless [talent] — well, it's not useless, I guess. I have the worst memory, especially if I write the song. … So I make up words [at] the last second. And nine times out of ten, it rhymes. It doesn't make sense, but it rhymes!"

Naturally, that admission prompts Clarkson to ask if Bryan ever forgets the words when he's performing.

"The only time I forget the words when I'm in concert is if I'm reading someone's sign," Bryan responds. "But [only] if their sign has some interesting message. You know, 'My mother saw you in 1999, and she wants me to tell you…' Like, I start reading it, [and] my brain is gone."

As long as he doesn't start farting with his back onstage, we think he'll be OK. Bryan's new album, Born Here Live Here Die Here, is out now.

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