Love and Theft have gone from charming and loveable to country artists with sex appeal in an instant with the release of their brand new 'Runnin Out of Air' video.

The duo's Stephen Barker Liles and Eric Gunderson sport sharp blazers and even ties in the clip, as they enter a nightclub filled with beautiful women. As they make their way into the room, they are blindsided on numerous occasions by the drop-dead gorgeous ladies surrounding them, just as the lyrics to the song insinuate.

Between performance shots inside the club, Gunderson and Liles both have their fair share of one-on-one time with the hot girls in VIP areas of the nightclub, where they sit on a couch belting out 'Runnin' Out of Air' while the ladies ogle, as if they can't seem to get enough of them.

Both the tune and the video have what it takes to push Love and Theft into a whole new level of stardom. It has crossover appeal, and could shoot them into sex object status. Don't be surprised if either gets picked up in other musical genres, or at least opens the door for such opportunities.

'Runnin' Out of Air' is the second single release from Love and Theft's self-titled sophomore album. The tune comes hot on the heels of their previous hit and first career chart-topper, 'Angel Eyes.' The duo is currently on the road opening for Jake Owen on the 2012 CMT on Tour run, which will wrap on December 15.

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