Loretta Lynn has always been feisty. Living a hard life in the coal mining town of Van Lear, Kentucky, You had to learn early how to take care of yourself up Butcher Hollar especially if you had four brothers. Loretta had been taught that men were weak when it came to sex and they were apt to mess around a bit . It was the  duty of the wife to keep the ladies away from her man

When Loretta became successful she and her husband Mooney bought the Hurricane Mills property. It not only had a big house with room for concerts and other activities, but it was also a 360 acre farm for Mooney to work while Loretta was on tour.

Word reached Loretta that some of the local ladies were becoming too interested in Mooney while she was away. Some accounts say she found out from one of her daughters that their daddy was messing with the bus driver. Loretta confronted her and when the woman admitted to the affair Loretta grabbed a handful of hair and took the lady to "Fist City". Then of course she had a great start on writing her big number one hit about the altercation.

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