There is something about the holidays that makes you want to help those who can really need a pick me up.

Recently on social media there was a post that went viral about a group of friends who booked a reservation at a restaurant, each person brought $100. Once the bill came, they not only paid their bill (which was a fraction of the amount they brought) but gave the remainder as a tip. Clearly we all know servers do not make much per hour and solely rely on tips. I used to be a server so I know how it is and the struggle can be real.

After seeing this go viral, a local group of friends decided to do the same. Marjorie Bergen decided she would head this special night up and everyone wrote down a restaurant of their choice, then Bergen decided she would draw and whatever restaurant she drew would be the place to go. She felt strongly that God would guide her to the right person. After the drawing, it was decided Cross Eyed Cricket would be the restaurant they went too. With money in hand they had dinner and had quite a tip leftover for the server. This server was very surprised and grateful, though she wanted to remain anonymous.

Photo: Marjorie Bergen
Photo: Marjorie Bergen

This is something that these ladies and their server will remember for years and the act of kindness they showed. I hope to see more of these stores right here in our community.

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