Experiencing the loss of a parent one of life's most devastating experiences, It hits so hard. When my mom passed away, my own mortality hit me like a ton of bricks. Suddenly, I was the matriarch of the family. I had to be the rock for everyone, guide them and give them good advise. How was I going to do this when I still felt like the child? I was still trying to figure things out myself. Would she come to me in my thoughts or in my dreams to help me like she had done throughout my life?

When I came across this amazingly beautiful Facebook post from local artist, Aaron Kizer, it brought tears to my eyes. After he lost his father, he had had the same recurring dream of he and his father having coffee. Little did he know that the dream had a deeply meaningful lesson attached to it. He wouldn't understand the meaning until he said he didn't want any coffee.

Aaron has based his next set show around the meaning and lesson his father taught him, even after his death, through his dreams.


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