If there's one annoying thing about the seasons changing it's the likelihood of dealing with a stuffy nose.

It's that time of year again where people start to develop colds. We all know that the most annoying part of having a cold, sinus issues, or even allergies for that matter is a stuffy nose. Having a stuffy nose can really mess with you. Your airways become blocked making it difficult to breathe, your head throbs from all the pressure on your sinus cavities, the stuffy nose can keep you up at night, and plus it just makes your voice sound funny.

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Sure, you can try to take some over-the-counter medicine or some nasal decongestant spray to relieve your symptoms. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't, but either way, it isn't instant relief. With cold season upon us, one doctor is going viral for sharing his method to clear out clogged sinuses and nostrils in a matter of seconds. Dr. Mandell breaks down how to drain your sinuses as well as how to relieve your stuffy nose.

How to Drain Your Sinuses in Seconds

In the video on YouTube, Dr. Mandell explains how you can drain your sinuses in just a couple of seconds. It's a very simple, yet effective trick. All you need to do is place your right thumb on your left cheekbone, pushing it in and then outward. With your other hand, grab the lower part of your left ear and pull it outward. Hold it in that position for about ten seconds. You will begin to feel your sinuses open up. After that, repeat the process on the right side of your face. You will feel some sort of drainage or dripping immediately.

How to Relieve A Stuffy Nose in Seconds

Begin by squeezing your nose closed. Then take a deep breath. Upon taking that breath, hold your breath in as long as you can while tilting your head backward. When you can no longer hold your breath in, breathe it all out as your head goes back down.

Works Like Magic

These techniques are said to "work like magic". So give them a try whenever you develop a stuffy nose or sinus issues and repeat them as often as necessary to give you a little more comfort. If you're more of a visual learner and would like to see Dr. Mandell demonstrate this firsthand, you can check out the YouTube video by clicking here.

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