It seems like drive-in movie theaters are a thing of the past now, and that's sad. However, there are still a few still fully operational in Indiana.

One of my favorite places to go in the summer is the drive-in movie theater. Something about seeing movies at night underneath the stars just speaks to me. Here in the Evansville area, we are most familiar with the Holiday Drive-In located in Reo, Indiana. However, back in the day, we had several drive-in movie theaters all throughout the area.

Travis Sams
Travis Sams

The same goes for the entire state of Indiana. What was once a popular place to visit, has become kind of a thing of the past. Some folks in the state may not have even been to a drive-in movie theater, or even have one in their area. That being said, according to Visit Indiana, the state of Indiana has the fourth most drive-in theatres in America. That's saying a lot when you find out exactly how many drive-in movie theaters remain in Indiana.

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When it comes to traditional movie theaters in Indiana, there are hundreds to choose from. Heck, there are even multiple locations in bigger cities. However, when it comes to drive-in movie theaters, there are less 20 locations that are still operational in Indiana. Two years ago, we had a couple more that were open, but since then they have closed down. So let's take a look at the remaining Indiana drive-ins.

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Where are the Remaining Drive-In Movie Theaters in Indiana?

Two years ago, IndyStar released a list of the 20 remaining drive-in movie theaters in Indiana. However, since then the Auburn Garrett Drive-In was closed in 2023, with hopes of opening again in 2024 (no update on the progress of that). Also, Canary Creek Cinemas announced last year that they were closing after If you are looking to catch a couple of movies under the stars, you will want to see which one of these drive-ins is closest to your area.

Bel-Air Drive-In

337 N. U.S. Highway 421 in Versailles. Check the Bel-Air Drive-In on Facebook and for showtimes. 812-689-5525

$10 adults, $5 ages 5-11, seniors and active U.S. military with ID, free ages 4 and under. Cash only at ticket booth.

A parked car at a drive-in movie theater.

Centerbrook Drive-In

6735 State Road 67 North in Martinsville. Check Centerbrook Drive-In on Facebook and for showtimes. 317-831-1526

$10 adults, $5 ages 6-12, free ages 5 and under.

Cinema 67

2037 State Road 67 in Spencer. Check Cinema 67 Drive In Theater on Facebook and for showtimes. 812-879-4240

$9 adults, $5 ages 5-11, free ages 4 and under.

Fogged up cars parked at a drive-in movie theatre with blank screen

Georgetown Drive-In

8200 State Road 64 in Georgetown. Check Georgetown Drive-In on Facebook and for showtimes. 812-951-2616

$12 adults, $6 ages 6-12, free ages 5 and under. Cash only at box office.

Holiday Drive-In Theatre

1055 State Road 37 in Mitchell. Check Holiday Drive In Theater Mitchell IN on Facebook and for showtimes.

$9 adults, $5 ages 6-12, free ages 5 and under. $25 Sunday night carload with a limit of six, excluding holiday weekends.

Holiday Drive-In

646 N. State Road 161 in Rockport. Check Holiday Drive-In on Facebook and for showtimes. 812-649-2857

$10 adults, $5 ages 4-11. Cash only.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Hummel Drive-In

2870 E. State Road 32 in Winchester. Check Hummel Drive-In on Facebook and for showtimes. 765-546-8223

$8 adults, $4 ages 5-10, free ages 4 and under. Cash only.

Huntington Twin Drive-In

1291 Condit St. in Huntington. Check GQT Huntington Twin Drive-In on Facebook and for showtimes. 260-356-2924

$5 adults, $2 ages 3-12, free ages 2 and under.

Lake Shore Drive-In Theatre

100 Rickey Rd. in Monticello. Check Lake Shore Drive-In Theatre on Facebook and for showtimes. 574-583-0311

$10 adults, $5 ages 4-12, free ages 3 and under.

Drive-in screen

M.E.L.S. at the Starlite Drive-In

8721 N. State Road 39 in Thorntown. Check M.E.L.S. At The Starlite Drive-In on Facebook and for showtimes. 765-325-2230

$25 carload admission.

Melody Drive-In

7055 S. U.S. Highway 35 in Knox. Check Melody Drive-In Theatre on Facebook and for showtimes. 574-772-2042

$9 adults, $6 seniors, $4 kids ages 5-11, free ages 4 and under.

Moon Lite Drive-In

5056 N. Lafayette Ave. in Terre Haute. Check Moon Lite Drive-In Theater - Terre Haute on Facebook and for showtimes. 812-244-1275

Single-feature nights: $7 adults, $4 ages 6-12, free ages 5 and under. Double-feature nights: $9 adults, $5 ages 6-12, free ages 5 and under. Tuesday retro nights: free.

Cars Only

Skyline Drive-In Theatre

3986 E. Michigan Rd. in Shelbyville. Check The Skyline Drive-In on Facebook and for showtimes.

$8 adults, $4 ages 3-11, free ages 2 and under. Sundays are $24 per carload or regular ticket prices, whichever is less.

Starlite Drive-In

7640 S. Old State Road 37 in Bloomington. Check Starlite Drive-In Theater on Facebook and for showtimes. 812-824-2277

Single-feature nights: $7 adults, $4 ages 6-12, free ages 5 and under. Double-feature nights: $9 adults, $5 ages 6-12, free ages 5 and under. Tuesday retro nights: free.

Tibbs Drive-In Theatre

480 S. Tibbs Ave. in Indianapolis. Check The Tibbs Drive-In on Facebook and for showtimes. 317-243-6666

$11 adults, $6 ages 4-12, free ages 3 and under.


Tri-Way Drive-In Theatre

4400 Michigan Rd. in Plymouth. Check Tri-Way Drive-In Theatre on Facebook and for showtimes.

$10 adults, $8 ages 4-11, free ages 3 and under.

13-24 Drive-In

890 N. State Road 13 in Wabash. Check 13-24 Drive In on Facebook and for showtimes. 260-563-5745

$10 per carload.

49'er Drive-in Theatre

675 N. Calumet Avenue in Valparaiso. Check 49'er Drive-In Theatre on Facebook and for showtimes. 219-462-6122

$10 adults, $5 ages 5-11, free ages 4 and under. Cash only.

(H/T- IndyStar)

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