Stress can be devastating to your health. Right now, after 50 plus years, I'm trying to learn to better deal with my stress. I have high blood pressure and weight gain because of the stress I have felt with one the last 5 years, both good and bad.

Everyday is a chance to gain wisdom. The things you have been through and experienced make you more aware of what is important, what to do and what to avoid to be happier and less stressed.

Although I'm still a work in progress, I HAVE learned a little bit along the way.

  1. Forgive - Holding a grudge will eat you up inside. The animosity you feel only hurts you. Forgive those who you believe have wronged you and you will release yourself from the grip they hold on you. Replace your negative feelings with happiness, knowing that YOU were the bigger person. For those that have wronged you, THAT is the ultimate revenge. LOL
  2. Don't take people for granted - I was given a gift, last year, from the cosmos, that taught me one of the most important lessons of my life. Between fearing that my dad, who has Alzheimers, was lost on his way to church, or our Christmas Day visit to the emergency room thinking my husband had a blood clot, I was emotionally exhausted. But, after all turned out to be fine, I realized that I had seen a glimpse into my possible future. A time without my dad and without my husband. Just when I wanted to cry I smiled thinking of how I had failed them in my appreciation for them. I don't call my dad enough or go visit him. I let the little stupid things bother me, when it comes to my husband. But, not anymore. Take it from me,  appreciate the ones in your life that love you, guide you and share life with you. Time goes quickly so live and love now. Tell and show those loves ones how much you care. Your heart will be happy.
  3. Help others - Pick a charity that you can help in anyway that you can. Use your skills to make others feel and be better. One easy and convenient way to do this it to mentor someone. Whether at work, church, or any other place you spend your time, there are young people around who can learn a lot from you. Give yourself to someone who need you.
  4. Smile and Hug More - Happiness has to start with YOU. I know, this blog is supposed to be about how YOU can be happier, just bare with me. When you walk by somebody, even a stranger, smile! Chances are, they will smile back. Even if they don't, you will feel better by just smiling more. But, if they DO smile back, that is a happiness connection the fills you both with positive energy. If you want to take it up a notch, hug the people you meet. Yes, I said, HUG. I do this instead of shaking hands. Everyone, well most people, love to be hugged. For those who don't just ask first. LOL
  5. Be teachable - Everyday offers a potential for learning, so open yourself up to be teachable. When you experience something troubling or difficult, take a moment to sit back and think about what you can learn from this moment. It may not be evident right away, but eventually, you will see the positive that came out of the negative. Just be positive and open as you walk though life and life will reveal the best it has to offer.

Certain foods can help reduce stress too.

Exercise can help as well.


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