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Sometimes, it seems like our lives are full of stress and negativity. It's hard to find the sugar in a cup full of vinegar. So, I thought to help bring positive light, love and sugar into your day, I would highlight stories of love and kindness in the Tristate.

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Last month's LOVE question......

How did you and your partner meet? 

From Sharon in Owensboro -

Sharon R.
Sharon R.

So, I had known Barry for a while but hadn’t seen him much since high school days . I had seen him once at at joe and Paul and knew he had gotten his life in in the rt path . He had lost his wife from cancer and went way down hill . Anyway one day I decided to walk the green belt and I ended up at Maloney’s I had been there for a bit and I looked over and saw Barry I walked over and spoke to him , my brother had died recently so we discussed that then he asked why I hadn’t been to church at st joe and Paul and I said I had been away from church for a while anyway he invited me back to church and out to eat and we have been In love every since . Our love is great because we have God between us.

I always say Tony sent him to me because I met him right after Tony died and they share the same first name, who knows it’s possible, right?


Crystal from Newburgh -

We met 5.26.2000 at Gloria's Coral Club (RIP)...where I was one jello shot away from not knowing where I was...i was SANGIN the hell out of some Shania Twain.... #Karaoke

It was LOVE from the get go!!!

19 years later....this song TOTALLY applies.




And, from my son in Philpot, KY! #promdate


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