A few years ago, I was honored to be asked by the women's empowerment organization, Project Reveal, to be a part of a wonderful video series they were doing for WNIN. The video for which I was interviewed was entitled Find Your Passion. They basically wanted me to share my story of finding happiness though my heartbreak, choices, chances, dreams, and ultimately my passions.

There was another woman who was being interviewed for the piece that was being directed and produced by Ange Humphrey. We were not interviewed together, so I never met her. She was Newburgh, IN, romance novelist, Cindy Nord

While watching the premiere, at home, with my family, I listened to what Cindy was saying and it struck a chord with me. Here I was being interviewed to hopefully help other people through my own lessons in life, and she was teaching me something I so desperately needed to learn.

I was turning 50 and felt, I know this will shock you, like I really had nothing else to give. I was headed toward the downhill of life's rollercoaster and nothing new and exciting would happen to me. My choices had been mine, I had lived a blessed life full of surprises and curves in the road, but now was the time to slow down and sit back. Right?

Cindy said, No, that wasn't the way life would be going for me unless I let it happen that way. She taught me that my life was only just beginning, well a new chapter anyway. Through her words, beautiful smile and amazing, positive spirit, I felt rejuvenated. From my understanding, she didn't write her first book until around age 60. She, at an age that most people, especially women, slow down, embraced a new career, new challenges and an almost forgotten, lifelong passion.

I never met Cindy in person, I wish I had. She passed away this month without knowing the huge impact she has had on this new chapter of my life. Like those who were fortunate enough to know her, I love her.

Now, take a moment to get empowered to change your life, reinvent yourself and start your new chapter. Thank you, Cindy.

We are all the authors of our own life story. Join us for episode 2 as two women share with us their journey to find their true path to happiness.
We will explore how listening to our passions and seizing opportunities that fall at our feet can change your life.
You only have one life. What do you want to do with it? -


Ange Humphrey, Director/Producer


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