Lego toys have always been for both girls and boys -- but boys, in general, seem to enjoy them more. Why? Because they are marketed to boys. But, now, Legos has decided to make 'girl' blocks and the controversy begins...

In the past, many of the Lego sets have had strong male themes. Lots of action stuff, vehicles and monsters and stuff.

Now, in an attempt to get more girls involved, the company  has designed a new Lego collection aimed at girls called Lego Friends.

What's the problem?

Well, the new line features girl characters with slim figures and stylish clothes. Equal rights groups say the Legos promote the wrong messages to girls that says being prettyand social is more important than who you are or what you can do.

Take a look at one of the commercials.......

Sets titled,  Lego Butterfly Beauty Shop or a Lego Fashion Designer Workshop, to me, seem to suggest that young girls can only do hair or design clothes. What about being engineers?????

My bonus daughter says BOO to the pink, stereotypical toys and YES to the blocks that stretch her mind beyond what is expected.

Is this offensive to you? Would you buy these Legos  for your daughter?

Source: LA Times

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