If you travel along the Twin Bridges in Henderson, Kentucky daily, get ready for some traffic delays next week.

We are entering construction season here in the Tri-State area. So this means that you will see a lot more of the orange barrels, detours, and lane restrictions. As you know, there are a lot of areas in Evansville and the surrounding towns that will probably be affected throughout the year, but one, in particular, will be happening very soon that you might want to note.

Photo Credit: KYTC
Photo Credit: KYTC

Lane Restrictions Coming to Henderson's Twin Bridges

If you are one who commutes across the Twin Bridges then you know that they have a history of accidents and traffic being backed up. It happens very frequently at unsuspecting times. That being said, there is a good chance that especially during rush hour, you will see traffic backed up on the Twin Bridges in Henderson next week. Beginning on Monday, May 1st, navigational lighting will be installed on the Twin Bridges, causing lane restrictions.

According to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, District 2:

<div dir="auto">Motorists that typically access the US 41 Twin Bridges at Henderson during their commute should anticipate lane restrictions beginning Monday, May 1.</div><div dir="auto">KYTC crews will be upgrading the navigational light system for the Ohio River traffic.</div><div dir="auto">Lane restrictions will begin at 9:00am on the north bound bridge. Crews expect to switch over the lane restriction to the south bound bridge around mid-day and conclude their work by 7:00 pm.</div><div dir="auto">The upgraded equipment will require less maintenance which will result in a more reliable navigational light system for maritime traffic and a reduction in future lane closures on the Twin Bridges.</div>
(Townsquare Media)
(Townsquare Media)

So, give yourself a little more time in the mornings if traffic is typically heavy on your commute. Oh, and be patient with these lane restrictions after work. I know by that time you are just ready to get home, but for the safety of the crews and other drivers, follow the speed limit, and everyone will get home safe and sound.

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