Are there actually two Lancos? It almost seems like it. "What I See" represents the group's soft heart, while anthems like "Born to Love You" and "Rival" fuel their live show.

To date, it's been their ballads that have performed better on the radio. "Greatest Love Story" was a big No. 1 hit in 2017, and this new song should accumulate easy airplay. What Lanco does that's special is preserve the energy of songs like "Long Live Tonight" during these more tender moments. In concert it's a rest, not a beer break.

Brandon Lancaster is the heart of the performance as he always is, but it's bandmate Tripp Howell who is the lead songwriter on "What I See." The song is about going home — something that's more touching with holidays approaching. Lanco write about little touchstones overlooked by outsiders that hold meaningful memories to those who grew beneath them. That's a devastatingly universal concept that should serve them well as they prepare their next studio album.

Did You Know?: Howell and Lancaster wrote the song with Lanco's Chandler Baldwin and songwriter Jeremy Spillman.

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Lanco's "What I See" Lyrics:

What you see is an exit sign / I see a road that goes back in time / To high school glory and all of those stories I stretch from time to time / What you see is an old scoreboard / I see goin' for it on fourth / Yeah, it’s just a game but small town fame / Still buys me a beer and more.

What I see / Is a little piece of heaven this side of eternity / All I know / Are these two-lane roads are the ones that’s gonna take me home / Where I belong / Pride grows strong and love runs deep / Deeper than the roots of an old oak tree / Can’t nobody take that from me / See what you want but this is what I see.

What you see is a courthouse clock / I see me wishin' time would stop / 'Cause something good just might / Happen past midnight in a Sonic parking lot / What you see is a real sharp curve / I see a real hard lesson learned / I walked away from that without the scratches / Lord knows I deserved

What you see are some Stars and Stripes / I see boys that ain’t afraid to fight / For the red, white and blue so me and you / Can live this kind of life.

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