This kitten at Evansville Animal Control has a perfect heart right on it's little head! 

Photo: Sarah Fortune

Today Sarah Fortune took a trip to Evansville Animal Control, and after taking photos and videos of the dogs and cats who are looking for their forever home, she noticed one kitten had something a little extra special about it!

This kitten is black and white, and has a perfect little heart right on it's head! How cute is that?!  This kitten is currently at Evansville Animal Care and Control, and just might be the perfect fit for your family. You can get more info about this kitten by calling EVACC at  or by stopping by EVACC during their business hours.

And check out some of Sara's posts here.  Everything from a sweet puppy who is just trembling with excitement ready to get out of it's kennel, to a bulldog looking for their forever home. Please consider stopping by EVACC or any local rescue the next time you're considering adding a furry member to your family.

Thank you so much Sarah for sharing this sweet kitten with us!