Imagine a world,  Sea World actually, without Shamu The Killer Whale. If one California lawmaker has his way, killer whale shows would end at Sea World in San Diego. A bill being introduced in the California State Assembly, bill AB2140, could prohibit Sea World from keeping killer whales in captivity. The killer whale shows have been a staple at the marine park since it opened, but attacks by the whales against their trainers have been on the rise and many believe the increased aggression is because the animals are not meant for captivity because they are too large and too smart.

I grew up in Southern California and spent many summers at Sea World where Shamu and all of the killer whales have always been the main attraction. Sea World has been experiencing a PR nightmare since the 2013 release of the film "Blackfish", which put the park under serious scrutiny because of their reported treatment of the killer whales.

The film has sparked many protests over the last 12 months and this bill could be the final straw. The bill would also ban the import and export of the whales.