Tattling is what siblings do right?!  This Kentucky toddler is absolutely not having his brother do anything without his permission and it's hilarious-WATCH.


If you have siblings you know it's true you have tattle on them at one time or another in your life.  It almost comes naturally right out of the womb.  Like, as soon as you can mutter words you become a snitch.

Angel here and as a mother myself I can attest to the above statement.  My kids can tell on their brother or sister with the best of them and it doesn't even have to be anything major.  For example, when my oldest two were little they would tattle on each other for breathing too hard or being too close to one another.  One day I got so fed up with them that I said "For every time one of you tells on the other I am going to charge you a dollar out of your piggy banks" my oldest son Parker without missing a beat ran to his room and came back with a five-dollar bill laid it on the counter and said "Here momma, might as well get a head start"  I had no response!



Quincy Hamilton has two sons, Khalil and Ky'Riq.  Ky'Riq is just two years old and thinks he runs the show (but didn't we all at that age).  Recently, his brother, Khalil was supposed to be getting ready for school and instead decided he was gonna play video games.  That didn't fit into what Ky'Riq thought he should actually be doing so he snitched on him and we think it's the funniest thing EVER.

He doesn't play around he wants his brother to get a whoopin' LOL!  Their momma said anytime something isn't going his way he will straight tattle.


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