I have seen the most adorable Taylor Swift-inspired Christmas decor this year! Swifties are just so creative. From DIYs to fun finds at Target and Etsy, these Holiday ideas will make you want to "leave the Christmas lights up 'til January."

Taylor Swift Eras Bracelet Garland

Paint some foam balls with whatever colors you want, or purchase the cute plastic beads shown in this tutorial, spell out your message on foam circles, and string them together to incorporate into a garland, a wreath, or your tree.

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Taylor Swift Themed Christmas Tree

We love decorations that aren't going to break the bank. These ornaments are from Target's "Dollar Spot." You could do different trees with album themes! From earthy Folklore vibes to Lover with pretty pastel colors. Or a whole Eras tree, of course.

How to Use Your Leftover Eras Bracelet Beads

Did you have any letter beads left over from making friendship bracelets? Make them into snowflakes for your Taylor Tree.

Taylor Swift Eras Bracelet Keepsake Ornaments

Do you have a ton of Eras friendship bracelets you aren't wearing anymore? There are some really creative ways you can show them off or make them into keepsake ornaments to admire every year as you decorate your tree. These adorably fun ornaments would be super easy to make and they are a perfect way to keep your special moments safe.

Creative Taylor Swift Eras Bracelet Display

Or maybe something like this would be better so you can keep it displayed all the time? You could make a hole in the back to feed a strand of lights in as well. I've also seen lots of similar designs already made on Etsy.

Taylor Swift Eras Popcorn Bucket Tree

OK, so this is an adorable way to make use of that collector's popcorn bucket you got when you went to see the Eras Tour at the movie theatre! Just take a small tree, pop it in the bucket, and decorate it however you like. I love these little disco balls! Hanging bracelets from the branches would be a good idea too.

Taylor Swift Outdoor Christmas Display

Check out this house in Illinois! This is like if Clark Griswold was a Swiftie. There's not a "Blank Space" left in this front yard.

Official Taylor Swift Holiday Ornaments

Tay Tay's official website has a huge selection of nice quality ornaments inspired by her most iconic songs and albums. Here's a look at some of them. The Lover locket! How beautiful.

Whether you decide to make your own Swiftie seasonal spirit or go shopping for some Holiday cheer inspired by your favorite superstar, I hope you have a Christmas that is "just like magic."


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