If you're looking for an adventure, this hidden waterfall needs to be on you Kentucky bucket list.

Kentucky Waterfalls

There is something magical about finding a waterfall.  Whether you're hiking in the forest, or paddling on a lake, a waterfall is always a welcome sight.  When I think of waterfalls, my mind typically goes right to Niagra Falls or the mountains, so the Bluegrass State isn't usually at the top of my mind when I think of waterfalls.  However, did you know that Kentucky is home to more than 1,000 waterfalls?

There is a database online that keeps track of all Kentucky waterfalls, and so far the number of falls in the database is well over a thousand. If you're interested, you can find that information, here.  One waterfall called Grotto Falls has recently caught my attention because it's truly a best-kept Kentucky secret.


The Hidden Waterfall at Grayson Lake

This waterfall is one of Kentucky's best-kept secrets because it's not the easiest to get to, but the view is incredibly worth it. Sometimes this waterfall is referred to as Hidden Falls, sometimes it's called Grotto Falls, but either way, it's on Lake Grayson in Kentucky and it is a beautiful sight.


Kentucky Tourism says if you're only going to do one thing on Lake Grayson, it should be Grotto Falls.

The scenery at Grayson Lake is incredible. If you are fortunate enough to spend the day here, paddling along the sandstone cliffs and exploring caves and coves, it will be one you will not forget. The Grotto is the most popular and the quintessential must-do, if you can hit only one. It is the main draw to paddle at Grayson Lake State Park. Tucked away among mossy sandstone cliffs, the seductive Grotto Falls on Far Clifty Creek will lure you into its natural sanctuary.


According to Kentucky Living, if you want to view Grotto Falls by land, you can get to it via a hiking trail, but the views aren't as good from land.  They also say the hike isn't the easiest either, so they recommend going by water to this waterfall.

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You can see a POV paddleboarding video going to Grotto Falls below.

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