Kane Brown helped make a dream come true for an aspiring country singer in Dallas recently, and he got an assist from his good friend, Jason Aldean.

Brown was in Dallas to perform a special show for Hilton Honors members when he learned about a young singer named Chelsea McClendon. McClendon was in college pursuing a degree in chemistry when she realized it just wasn't wasn't what she wanted to do, and she dropped all of her plans and decided to take a shot at her dream of a career in country music. Brown is an artist that she finds particularly inspiring, and while McClendon was giving an on-camera interview about how much she admires him and his career, the singer sneaked up behind her and surprised her, causing her to exclaim, "Holy crap!"

"You are like my biggest, biggest inspiration," she tells Brown in the heartwarming video above. "Being of a different ethnic background, and just making it seem like it's doable for me to go out and pursue my dream of country music."

"Anything is possible," Brown replies, raising his hand for a high-five.

As Brown is having drinks with the singer and her mother, he mentions that he hangs out with Aldean, and when they get excited, he calls the superstar and puts him on FaceTime as McClendon sings his recent No. 1 duet with Miranda Lambert, "Drowns the Whiskey," after which Aldean says, "I love it!"

Brown had one more surprise in store for McClendon. During his live set later, he called her to the stage unexpectedly to sing the female parts on "What Ifs," his No. 1 duet with Lauren Alaina. The fact that both of her parents were in the audience for the once-in-a-lifetime moment makes it that much sweeter. Watch it all unfold in the video at the top.

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