Kane Brown had old flames on the mind when he helped write "Cool Again," his new single to country radio.

The song is the first we've heard from his next studio project, the follow-up to the 2018 project Experiment. Brown tells Taste of Country Nights he's actually working on a new EP, but can't say when it will be released because the coronavirus quarantine has turned everyone's plans upside down.

After teasing "Cool Again" for several days, the song finally dropped on Thursday morning (April 23). The laid-back song is a mid-tempo, feel-good groove that looks back wistfully at a summer of fun that's now passed, wishing a couple of lovers could go back to those carefree days.

Brown, Josh Hoge, Matt McGinn and Lindsay Rimes wrote "Cool Again."

Did You Know?: Kane Brown is riding a string of five straight No. 1 hits on country radio.

WATCH: Kane Brown Talks About Songs He Wrote for Daughter Kingsley:

Kane Brown, "Cool Again" Lyrics:

I’ve been thinkin’ about ya lately / Reminiscing, going crazy / Miss the way your kiss would keep me up / Hey, wish that you were here tonight / Drinking vodka soda, extra limes / And we could just get back to being us.

'Cause I just wanna be cool again, cool again, cool again / Like we were last summer / Want you again, you again, you again / To be stealin’ my covers / All those tangled in each other nights still / Playin’ back in my head / I just wanna be cool again, cool again, cool again, yeah.

Do you ever think about / The days we couldn’t live without each other / Where the hell did we go wrong /Hey, how’d we go from that to this / How’d we let a good thing slip / Do we really have to go move on.

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus

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