It may be a few years before Indiana Feek, the 4-year-old daughter of former country duo Joey + Rory, understands the words to the Pledge of Allegiance, but she's on the right track.

In a video captured by one of Rory Feek's older daughters, Heidi, Indy happily recites the words. Her proud sister says she's showing what she's learned at school, and that "she’s so smart and cute and I have watched this video 473628382 times so I thought I should let you guys see it too."

Sure, Heidi had to give her a little prompt to start, but Indy runs with it from there, not skipping a single line. It's a sincere expression of loyalty in such an innocent voice that can raise a tear, and it's remarkable to see how much Indiana has grown and is learning since the death of her mother in 2016, when the little girl was just two.

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Of course, dad Rory has gone the extra mile to ensure that his youngest daughter could thrive close to home. He even built a one-room schoolhouse, Hardison Mill School, on the family’s farm for his small rural community. It had been Joey’s wish to homeschool Indiana, and this proved the best option to give her an education and socialization with other children.

Just days after Indiana arrived, Joey and Rory learned that their daughter had been born with Down syndrome. But the additional chromosome is obviously not the only thing extra about this little peanut.

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