Jimmie Allen brings a familiar country scene to the radio with his new single "Make Me Want To." The "Best Shot" hitmaker's progressive production elements set the song apart from others on his new Mercury Lane album.

The Delaware born-and-raised country singer is proving he's well-versed on contemporary mixes. Paul Sikes and Jennifer Denmark helped him write the two tight verses and contagious chorus. Find Allen at a bar locking eyes with a girl he likes. The feeling is mutual, so they move out for some extracurriculars. A synthetic drum loop ushers in the energetic chorus, and from there, things get hotter.

"Make Me Want To" is a second made-for-radio single from Allen — a man who has fought for this chance for more than a decade. It's a song that will surely sound good during his live set this spring and summer.

Did You Know?: Find Jimmie Allen on tour with Scotty McCreery early in 2019.

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Jimmie Allen's "Make Me Want To" Lyrics:

Long legs, cut-off jeans / Pulling me in like a magnet / Your eyes locked on me / I knew right then I had to have you / Right here in the middle of the floor / Of this hole-in-the-wall on a back street / I knew I had to get close to you.

Girl, what's your name, what you drinking / Yeah, what's your favorite song / If you're thinking what I'm thinking / We ain't gonna be in this bar too long / We'll be sneaking on out to your car / Stealing kisses out there in the dark / Yeah it might be too soon to say I love you / But you're gonna make me want to.

Soft hands touching on me / Lighting me up like a bonfire / Your lips are making me think / This is gonna be an all-nighter / Right here in the middle of the crowd / You're the center of the world on a barstool / Oh yeah, I had to get close to you, girl.

We'll be sneaking on out to your car, car, car / Stealing kisses out there in the dark, dark, dark.

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