Jake Owen spits out No. 1 songs like dip, wins awards like parting gifts and opens huge tours like he's brushing his mane. He's also one of the sexiest men in country music, and he makes that look easy, too. If it seems like all this star does is win (have you seen his wife and daughter?!), that's because it's true.

In a chat with Taste of Country Nights, the "Real Life" singer gushed a little about all the things he's really, ridiculously good at.

The singer is a Florida native who loves the water. He's an avid surfer, but he's not the only country star who finds himself catching a few waves during downtime. Billy Currington and Kip Moore also surf, but who would win in a surfing competition?

Owen tells me he'd bet on himself.

"I refuse to let anyone beat me at anything, so therefore I will always tell you that I am better — in my most humble attitude, though," he confirms. "They’re both great. Those guys are from Georgia. I’m from Florida, I grew up on the beach. They adopted the beach after years of their life. I grew up on a beach. Now you can place your money on whoever you want, but if I’m you, I’m going with the guy who grew up with his feet in the sand.”

While we can't argue with his logic, Owen also says he doesn't lose at anything ... like, ever. “I don’t ever lose at anything," he confirms. "It’s a fine line between confident and cocky.”

Personally, we like that Owen isn't afraid to walk the line.

"Real Life" is a summertime-flavored jam that recalls great '90s rock bands like Sublime, while staying within country's borders. The new song is from a yet-to-be-announced fifth studio album, expected later this year. He tells Taste of Country he's set a high bar for the project, which includes producers Ross Copperman and Shane McAnnally.

“I said, ‘Look, guys … we have to do something that will change the perception of us a little bit, because otherwise why would we do this? This isn’t gonna change our lives unless we do something great,’” he explains.

Sam Alex is the host of Taste of Country Nights radio, a syndicated night show which airs on more than 60 Townsquare Media Group stations nationwide.

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