A few things come to mind when I think about Indiana - cornfields, basketball, and the Indy 500 to name just a few. However, I don't think of the Hoosier state as a popular subject matter for Hollywood. More times than not, those big-budget blockbuster movies we love so much are set in places like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and other "big" cities, but not necessarily Indiana. Or am I wrong?

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If I asked you to tell me a movie that takes place in Indiana, the first two that would probably come to mind are Hoosiers and Rudy. That makes sense, both of those movies were box office and critical successes, and both are based on real-life people or events in Indiana. If you live in Southern Indiana, you might also think of Back In The Day, written and directed by Newburgh native Michael Rosenbaum.

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Outside of stories inspired by real Hoosier history, how often have screenwriters or directors chosen to make a film that takes place in Indiana? Surely it has happened more often than I think it has, right?

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I decided to do a little research and answer that question. I compiled a list of movies that take place in Indiana - in both real and fictional cities. I was surprised to see how many movies are set in the Hoosier state, and I can guarantee there will be several movies on this list that you didn't know took place in Indiana. There are actually even more "Indiana" movies than the ones listed below, but some were just too obscure to include.

In the spirit of fairness, and to satisfy my slight OCD, the movies are listed in alphabetical order (I think).

25 Movies You May Not Have Known Take Place In Indiana

Just to be clear, this list isn't about movies that were filmed in Indiana - although some were - this is all about movies that are set, or take place in Indiana.

Gallery Credit: Bobby G.