Both of my parents were Kentucky Colonels, but when they received their framed documents--both of which my sister and I still have--there were no camera crews present.

But back then, we didn't have the History Channel, either. Consequently, we didn't have Pawn Stars, a fascinating series I can never find and just watch old episodes on the strength of it. However, I will have to be vigilant about seeing the latest one because it features a brand new Kentucky Colonel. And it's none other than the Pawn Stars host himself, Rick Harrison.

The Kentucky episode of Pawn Stars Do America aired Wednesday, November 8th, but will now be available to stream on demand. And yes, I've put it on the growing list of stuff I need to view before too long. Here's a clip from the November 8th show:

As a matter of fact, the last episode I remember seeing had a huge (and pricey) Kentucky connection:

Not only was Rick Harrison's name added to the long and growing list of Kentucky Colonel during the latest episode which is called "Bluegrass Bounty", but there was also a stop at Jimmy Mahan's Kentucky Roadshow Shop in Lexington.

If you've never visited the Kentucky Roadshow Shop, you'll understand why Pawn Stars Do America wanted to stop there. It is an absolute treasure trove of University of Kentucky sports memorabilia, an irresistible choice for Rick and the Pawn Stars gang.

Multiple episodes of Pawn Stars Do America air every Wednesday evening on the History Channel. You can catch "Bluegrass Bounty" on demand or see it again (or for the first time) Wednesday November 15th at 5 PM Central.

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