OK, so this is "Super" fun! Sazerac, the company lots of Daviess Countians know well because of Glenmore Distillery, is stepping into a new market. Cosmetics.

I know this seems a little random, but I am totally here for it. To commemorate the Super Bowl this upcoming Sunday, they have made a Fireball product fans can wear while watching the game. In fact, it matches either team's colors, but I have a feeling it was developed with one particular fan in mind.

This gorgeous lipstick looks exactly like something a certain pop star girlfriend of a certain tight end would wear. It's the perfect shade of red.

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According to Sazerac's website,

Introducing Fireball Cinnamon Delight Lipstick, the first-ever custom lipstick from the #1 shot brand in the USA. Guaranteed to never go out of style, this spicy lippy is bound to awaken the dragon in football fans everywhere, just in time for the sport’s battle royale.

Cinnamon Delight features Fireball’s signature red color, along with its cinnamon flavor and aroma and promises to help every game day moment taste like a championship parade.

Get yours today for the affectionately easter-eggish price of $13.87.

Get it? Taylor Swift is known for using "easter eggs" as fun little hidden treats for her fans that reference her vast catalog of music. 13 is her favorite number that she nods to often including this past weekend when she won her 13th Grammy. 87 is Travis Kelce's football jersey number.  He will be rocking out the big game against the 49ers and hopefully, his sweetie will be able to make it to cheer him on. Probably wearing bright red lipstick. I wonder if it will be this Fireball shade.

Would you wear this lipstick to celebrate/commemorate this special Super Bowl?

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