Grab your keys and get ready to drive to one of the best Halloween displays in Illinois, 'Jurassic Park Ridge.'

Indoor holiday decor is great, but it's the outdoor stuff that really takes the cake. When you go above and beyond your neighbors, not only do you feel a sense of awesomeness, but you also provide something for the rest of us to take our families to visit and enjoy.

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Thanks to everyone who puts those big decor displays out for us all to enjoy, including Joseph Lee from Park Ridge. This year, Joseph's Halloween display is called, 'Jurassic Park Ridge.'

Illinois' Best Outdoor Halloween Display

Thanks to Melissa Forman from 93.9 LITE FM in Chicago for sharing the photos!

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Joseph's photos are pretty great, too. I love how fun this display looks at night!

This isn't the first time Joseph has gone viral for his Halloween decor. Last year, he turned his house into a scene from Ghostbusters complete with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and a window full of slime.

And in 2020, Titanic with skeleton (and masked) Jack and Rose.

'Jurassic Park Ridge,' is in Park Ridge, Illinois near Washington Elementary School at Home Street and Norman Street.

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