Those who drive US Highway 41 through Western Kentucky can expect to take an alternative route as work continues on the I-69 Ohio River Crossing.

Indiana & Kentucky: A New Connection

The  I-69 Ohio River Crossing will be the new connecting point between Southeastern Indiana and Western Kentucky. The purpose of the project is to "reduce traffic congestion and delays while improving safety for drivers," and will be completed in three sections.

5,000+ Cubic Yards of Concrete Poured in Kentucky in 2023 Alone

Section one takes place on the Kentucky side of the project. Construction has been underway since 2022 and is expected to be complete by 2025. There was more than 5,000 cubic yards of structural concrete poured in Henderson in 2023 for this section of the project.

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A New Bridge Is Included in the Plan


Section two will include a four-lane bridge spanning the Ohio River. This phase will take place between 2027 and 2031. Meanwhile. Section three will be under construction on the Indiana side of the project from 2024 through 2026.

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Motorists Can Expect Route Shifts Beginning May 30, 2024 in Henderson

With progress being made on Section one of the project, motorists will begin seeing a shift in route while traveling US Highway 41 through Henderson. Beginning Thursday, May 30, 2024, northbound traffic will be reduced to one lane, with both lanes expected to be reopened by Sunday, June 1st. The shift in route will take motorists across three new overpasses before rejoining US Highway 41.

Drivers will shift to the east to use the future I-69 roadway to drive over three new overpass bridges (Van Wyk, Canoe Creek and the future US 41 interchange) to rejoin US 41. Drivers are encouraged to slow down, stay alert and watch for new traffic patterns. Actual dates and anticipated work may be adjusted if inclement weather or other unforeseen activities occur.
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Southbound US 41 Traffic Will Also Shift

Similarly, southbound US Highway 41 traffic will experience a shift in route beginning Friday, June 7th. Traffic will be reduced to one lane at that time, and is expected to be reopened to both lanes by Tuesday, June 11th.

US 41 South is expected to be reduced to one lane between KY 351/2nd Street and US 60 beginning Friday, June 7 and ending Tuesday, June 11. Both lanes are expected to open to traffic on the new roadway (future I-69) by Tuesday afternoon.

Work Continues on the Kentucky Side of the Project

Once the transition to the new roadway has been made for both north and southbound US Highway 41, crews are expected to complete necessary bridge and road work. They will also build the new Kimsey Lane connection which will pass over to Van Wyk Road, completing the Merrill Trail Extension.


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