This is not your average Indiana holiday photo opportunity.

A Darker Holiday Tradition

We are all familiar with the family holiday tradition of taking the kids to visit Santa. You sit them on his lap. They tell him their wishlist for the season and you get a cute photo to share on social media. As wholesome and wonderful as all of that is, one Evansville business is bringing the darker side of the holiday season to life with photo opportunities with Krampus.

An Anit-Santa of Sorts

You may not be familiar with Krampus, and that's ok. We'll give you a quick, little history lesson on this piece of holiday folklore. While Santa Claus, or Saint Nicholas as he is sometimes known, is traditionally used as positive reinforcement to get children to behave, with the promise that he rewards good behavior by bringing toys and gifts to the children who mind their parents, Krampus is what you might call the anti-Santa.

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Krampus Creatures Parade Through Tyrol As Christmas Approaches
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Horned Half-Human Half-Goat

See while Santa is depicted as friendly, warm, and jolly, Krampus is a horned half-human and half-goat beast that punishes and whips children who misbehave. In German folklore, it is said that Krampus would chase down naughty children and throw them in his sack on Krampusnacht, which according to, is celebrated every year on December 5th.

Krampusnacht is celebrated on December 5 every year across Germany, other European countries, and Australia. It occurs the night before the celebration of the Feast of St. Nicholas, a night when people dress up as the devil Krampus and chase naughty children through the streets. The children are told off by the Krampus and given bundles of ‘ruten,’ a cluster of twigs, so they don’t forget the Krampus after he leaves.
Nick Nackery

Get a Photo with Krampus

So now that you know more about this terrifying, anthropomorphic beast, are you ready to get your photo taken with him? Evansville's Nick Nackery will be hosting photos with Krampus. The photos will cost you $10 per photo or group. Children and leashed pets are welcome to participate and the photo op includes a cupcake! It is advised that the event may be too scary for some children and parental discretion is strongly advised.

Try to convince Krampus you've been good, and for just $10, capture the magic with a professionally staged photo alongside our live Krampus! Including a physical take home copy, plus a festive cupcake

When and Where

There will be two opportunities to have photos with Krampus at Evansville's Nick Nackery located at 201 East Virginian Street in Evansville. The first event will take place on Saturday, November 25, 2023, and Saturday, December 2, 2023. Both events will take place from 4 pm to 8 pm.

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