Luke Combs revealed the $20 tumbler he's designed to help put a woman accused of counterfeiting merchandise back on her feet.

The drink container — available at his official store — includes a collage of Combs-centric images and logos. It's not clear what it's made out of, but the rim looks to be steel, and the lid appears to be black plastic.

The design was inspired by a woman named Nicol Harness, whom the singer had unknowingly sued.

  • On Wednesday (Nov. 13), Combs said he'd just learned that his legal team had sued Harness. A judge ruled she owed the star $250,000.
  • She admits she created a Luke Combs tumbler and sold less than 20 of them on Amazon for $20 each.
  • Notice of the lawsuit was emailed to her and landed in her junk folder while she was hospitalized. Only after the judge ruled did she learn the case was closed.

The lawsuit was argued in federal court in Illinois last October. It is acceptable to email notice of lawsuits in that state. Harness lives in Florida, where it's not an acceptable form of notification.

Combs admits he contracts with a company that takes action against "large corporations operating internationally" and make huge profits off of counterfeit merchandise.

"And apparently this woman, Nicol, has somehow gotten wrapped into that," Combs said in a post on social media. "And that makes me absolutely sick to my stomach."

The Instagram video appears to have been filmed soon after Combs learned of the lawsuit against Harness, perhaps after seeing her interview with WFLA-TV. Since she couldn't access the $5,500 in her Amazon account, he offered to give it to her out of his pocket, times two.

Sales of this official tumbler will also go to Harness, and the best part for her may be that she can use it as she pleases. A follow-up story at WFLA reveals the singer and his team are working hard to make sure she's free of the $250,000 debt to him.

When his cash gift is added to the original $5,500 she'd earned, she'll have more than $16K to use to pay back loans and medical debt.

Harness suffers from congenital heart failure.

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