- Today is International Day of Peace, Observe the Speed Limit Day, and Miniature Golf Day

- China has banned The X Factor from airing because it encourages democracy. The show will be replaced by programs about housework and morals.

- Fox is considering launching a new channel that would air nothing, but The Simpsons


- A judge has tossed out Leicester Bryce Stovell's lawsuit against LeBron James. Stovall claimed LBJ and his mom, blocked him from making money and tampered with paternity test results that showed he was NOT LeBron's father. The court said Stovell did not have enough evidence.

- Paris Hilton's Las Vegas cocaine case was closed yesterday. She completed 228 hours of community service and a substance abuse program.

- Illusionist Criss Angel has gotten engaged to his girlfriend, Sandra Gonzalez.


- Disney is working with James Cameron to build an "Avatar"-themed land at its Animal Kingdom park in Orlando.

- According to Time and USA Today, United Airlines and most Continental Airlines flights require a $400 fee for checking bags exceeding 71 pounds for international travel, while American Airlines adds an additional $450 for overweight bags headed to Asia.

- WWE star Matt Hardy is checking into rehab.

- A new McClatchy-Marist Presidential race poll shows Barack Obama with a narrow 49-44% lead over Sarah Palin. He led her in August by 21 points, in June by 26 points, and in April by 22 points. 72% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents do not want Palin to run for president in 2012. 68% of tea party supporters do not want her to run.

Source: McVay Prep

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