Regardless of your stance on politics, one of the amazing things about this country is that we have the ability to have our voices be heard! But they aren't heard, if you don't vote! 

Today is National Voter Registration Day, so make sure your voice is heard! National Voter Registration Day is a great reminder to make sure you're registered to vote, or if you aren't, make sure you get registered.  The current political climate can be very polarizing, but I think we can all agree that voting is important.

So be sure to click here, check out and find out your voter status.  If you aren't registered to vote, it's pretty easy to get registered online.

Did you know that if 50% of voters, vote, this will be the highest midterm turnout in over a century?  The midterms are very important,as they will determine who has majority control over the senate and the house.  So get to know your candidates, and make sure to choose the best choice for your state on November 6th!


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