Got dinner plans? CANCEL THEM! It’s National Pizza with the Works except Anchovies Day! If you’re as picky as I am, let’s just make it National Pizza Day ;)

I was going to make this a cool little blog about pizza recipes and how to make your own, but then I realized something… NOBODY HAS TIME FOR THAT! Instead, I did a little research and found the top 10 pizza places to go to in Evansville from Business Intuit!

  1. Turoni’s Pizzeria & Brewery - 408 N Main St.
  2. Deerhead Sidewalk Café – 222 E Columbia St.
  3. Cici’s Pizza – 5625 Pearl Dr.
  4. Old Chicago Pizza and Pasta – 6550 E Lloyd Expy
  5. Pizza King – 1033 S Weinbach Ave
  6. Chuck E Cheese’s – Eastland Pl
  7. Una Pizza – 967 S Kentucky Ave
  8. Una-Tu Pizza – 709 N Governor St.
  9. Domino’s Pizza – 1940 N Green River Rd.
  10. Papa John’s Pizza – 4204 N 1st Ave.