Weekends were made for watching games and for some of us, playing games, too. Many of you will probably never guess the game my husband and I played over the weekend.

Here’s what some of the instructional pamphlet read:

Adult game

Opening moves


Bearing Off

Equipment needed to play:  two players

Can you guess the game?

It’s Backgammon!

This game requires strategy and the luck of the dice.   I wanted to see if my husband was up for the challenge so I asked him if he wanted to play.  He told me, “Okay, you’re on!” After one game, he wanted to play again because I had defeated him in the first match!  So, we played a second game – I won again!  Was it my well-thought out strategy that won both games? Or, was it the luck of the dice?  Or, did he let me win?

Definitely strategy and the luck of the dice! I was rolling lots of doubles! Fun times! You won’t be “board” playing this game!


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