According to various social media reports, the Tin Man Brewing Company is closing. But, just a few hours ago, they updated their business hours. What's going on?

According to Tin Man's Website, The tasting room has been closed:
"Tin Man Brewing Company will cease Evansville Tasting Room operations affective immediately.

We entered the brewing scene with an eagerness and enthusiasm that can only be described as blind passion. We love craft beer and always will.  Sometimes, as a business owner you hold out longer than you should because you believe things will “turn around”. But things never did. It took us too long to figure out our tasting room/ restaurant/ brew pub dynamic and our production brewery has been burdened with the responsibility of keeping both aspects of the company open.  We no longer have the resources to keep that relationship going and it’s with a heavy heart that we announce that we must close the tasting room.  All growler fill, food service, and beverage service will end immediately."

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