The smell and the complaints about the smell have been around for a long time in Downtown Evansville, but lately it seems like it's getting worse. I know we have the treatment facility on Waterworks Road, but something just doesn't pass the smell test... pun intended. I live Downtown near Third and Main and it just seems like the smell is getting heavier and spreading over a larger area. When you come in on Veterans Memorial Parkway, the smell hits you right around the greenbelt and stays with you right through Downtown, especially at night, which could be a tough sell when selling the benefits of living and operating a business Downtown.

The Ford Center is certainly doing it's job and the Kunkel Group has a few new condo developments in Downtown that are attracting buyers, but that smell sometimes can be quite pungent and very bothersome. As Downtown continues to grow and expand, I am confident this problem is high on the priority list and I have been told that the sewers will be a big part of the continued Downtown renovation plan... let's hope so.

Numerous people in our building have commented about what seems to be a worsening smell problem and more widespread than in the past couple of years. There is a plan and the future for Downtown Evansville does look pretty bright, but could someone please bring in a gigantic bottle Febreze?