While the majority of the Hoosier State has yet to see any significant snowfall, now is a good time to consider this before the snow actually arrives.

Let's face it, when winter weather hits, nobody wants to wake up extra early to go outside and scrape off the ice and snow from their vehicle. It's early, it's cold, and it's another hassle that you don't need before a long day at work. So, naturally, when you are driving along Indiana roadways during the winter, you'll see a lot of vehicles covered in snow and ice. That got me wondering, is it illegal to drive on Indiana roads with your vehicle covered in snow and ice?

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Is it Illegal to Not Remove Snow from Your Car Before Driving in Indiana

According to Trucking.org, Indiana has no laws for driving with snow or ice on your vehicle.  You could get denied from driving on the Indiana Turnpike, however, unless the snow is removed first. That being said, just because it's not illegal to clear your vehicle of snow and ice, that doesn't mean there aren't consequences and repercussions for choosing not to.

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According to Wagner Reese Law Firm:

<p>In Indiana, you can be held liable if you don’t remove snow or ice from your vehicle and it leads to an accident. Drivers have a responsibility to ensure that their vehicles are safe and do not pose a hazard on the roads. This includes clearing off snow and ice that could potentially fly off when a vehicle is in motion and cause harm to others, or otherwise create hazardous driving conditions.</p><p>There are several scenarios where another driver could potentially be responsible for harm to you or your vehicle due to not clearing snow or ice:</p><ul><li>If snow or ice that was not removed from their car dislodges and hits your vehicle, causing damage or a crash.</li><li>If chunks of ice or compacted snow fall from their moving vehicle and obstruct your view, leading to an accident.</li><li>If the buildup of snow or ice on another vehicle obstructs the driver’s view and leads to a collision with your vehicle.</li></ul>
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So, for everyone's safety, it's recommended that all Indiana drivers clean snow and ice from their vehicles before driving. Be sure to clean the top of the hood, the roof of the car, around the lights, and windows. As much as you might not feel like it early in the morning, trust me, it's for the best. I can't tell you how many times I've seen sheets of ice flying off trucks or cars and I nearly had to dodge them from smashing into my windshield or any other vehicle. I'm sure you have experienced the same scenario a time or two in the past too. Unfortunately, there have been fatal accidents due to ice/snow hitting drivers. So, play it safe during the winter weather not only for yourself but for the drivers you share the road with.

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