You may have noticed the former location of Gander Mountain in Village Commons on Evansville's east side is undergoing a makeover which likely means it will soon be home to a new business of some kind. But what exactly? Some people on social media seem to believe we're about to get another furniture store.

Local Facebook page, Evansville 411, who reports on new commercial and residential developments in the area, recently posted the following photo of the building and asked their followers what they thought might be getting ready to set up shop there.

While many shared hopes of a Trader Joe's (count me as one of those people), one comment, from someone who seems to have intimate knowledge of the situation, claims it will be a new furniture store, a "Big one."

In the event the comment isn't showing up on your browser, it reads,

Furniture store. Big one.
That's all I can say as they are my customer and asked me to refrain from leaking too much detail.
I can tell you that they gutted the location and will be using 100% of the space. Very professional organizers of the project. I am not certain of square footage, but it will be close to Ashley in size, when completed. At least the second biggest furniture store on this region.

If this proves to be true, it will be an interesting choice seeing that Value City Furniture sits just a couple of downs down within the same complex, and has been an anchor for that shopping center for many, many years. Not only that, but Evansville Overstock Warehouse recently moved roughly a block away to the Plaza East complex at the intersection of Green River Road and the Lloyd. In my opinion, if this indeed turns into another furniture store, it better be one with some hefty name recognition if it wants to be successful in what is already a crowded area of town.

Let's say, for argument sake and "funnsies," it's not a furniture store. What would you like to see wind up in that space? Let us know below!


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