In case you were wondering, in a battle between your bird feeder and a bear, the bear will win. If you doubt this, you need to see a video shared by an Iowa family that shows what an apex predator did to their bird feeding place.

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There's no mention of where in Iowa this happened, just that it was in Iowa. It's not the sight you want to see when you're checking on how much food is left in your bird feeder.

By the way, if you're curious about whether the bear is sorry for eating all the bird food, he's not. As a matter of fact, when a bear is staring at you like the one in the video is, he's likely trying to decide if you're worth attacking. Most bears are very curious creatures. Once they realize they're near humans, most will run back into the woods to do bear stuff. If a bear doesn't run off and seems to be deliberating, that's not a good sign.

No word if the person who captured the video contacted fish and wildlife officials, but that would have been the next thing I did. Even if you're behind a door or glass, that doesn't mean the bear can't get to you. Watch what this bear did to a home's door not that long ago.

Seems like this Iowa family had no big confrontation. Just a bird feeder that would rather not see a bear again.

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